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What is The Lighthouse?

The Lighthouse is a ministry of WEBC designed specifically for middle school and high school youth who desire to know and understand God and grow in the knowledge of His Word.

When is it?

Every Wednesday from 6:45-8:45pm, as well as during the 2nd hour of Sunday Worship from 11:05-12:00.

Where does it meet?

We meet in the Youth Room, which is downstairs near the south entrance.

What do we do?

The design of a lighthouse is to provide direction and guidance to a ship who is entering a port or nearing a dangerous area of the sea. In the same way, The specific purpose of The Lighthouse at WEBC is to help students in middle school and high school find the navigational guide that they need for this season of their life. Our church believes that the only true way to understand who we are as people and to answer the questions every teenager asks is to seek that truth in God’s Word. The Lighthouse at WEBC seeks to guide youth in learning about the Bible, the truths found there, and how those truths impact their lives each and every day. It is our hope that in the safe environment of leaders and other teens, the truth of God’s Word can be applied to their lives.

Who is there?

There are students from many different schools in the area, as well as some who are homeschooled. One of the advantages of our group is that there is a diversity in age, school, and life experience. There are also adult leaders around. They are friendly and interested in what is going on in your life!

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